About District

Chittoor District was constituted on 1st April, 1911 with the admixture of the Culture and Traditions of three borders states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. It then comprised the Taluks of Chittoor, Palamaner and Chandragiri transferred from Old North Arcot District of Tamilnadu, Madanapalle and Voyalpadu Taluks of Kadapa District and Ex-Zamindari areas of Punganur, Srikalahasthi, Puttur and Old Karvetinagar estate. Later, Kangundi Taluk of North Arcot District excluding 22 villages was transferred to Palamaner Taluk on 1st December, 1928. This taluk also gained eight villages which were the enclaves of Mysore (Karnataka) State under the Provinces and States (Absorption of enclaves) Order, 1950. The next major change in the jurisdiction of the district took place on 1st April, 1960 as a result of Pataskar Award consequent on the re-organisation of the state on linguistic basis, a major portion of Tiruthani Taluk was transferred to Chengalpattu district of Tamilnadu. Instead one Taluk known as Sathyavedu comprising 76 villages of Tiruvallur Taluk, 72 villages of Ponneri Taluk both of Chengalpattu District of Tamilnadu and 17 villages of Puttur Taluk, 19 villages of Tiruttani Taluk were added to Chittoor District. Also from the same date, the Sub-Taluks of Kuppam and Bangarupalem were constituted transferring 220 villages from Palamaner Taluk and Three villages from Krishnagiri Taluk of Salem District of Tamilnadu to form Kuppam Sub-Taluk and 145 villages from Chittoor Taluk to form Bangarupalem Sub-Taluk. Subsequently, Kuppam and Bangarupalem were made full fledged taluks. The taluks of the district were re-organised into 66 Revenue Mandals in 1985. Again the District re-organised with 31 Mandals and 4 Revenue Divisions on 4th April, 2022.

Topography and Boundaries :

The district derives its name from Chittoor, its headquarters town. It is located between the Northern Latitudes of 120-44’-42″ and 130-39’-21″ and between the Eastern Longitudes 780-2’-2″ and 790-41’52″. It is bounded on the east by Tirupati District of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu State, on the west by Annamayya District and Karnataka State, on the North by Annamayya and Tirupati Districts of Andhra Pradesh and on the south by Tamilnadu State. It is with an area of 6859 Square Kilometers which accounts for 4.21 percent of the total area of the state. The general elevation of the mountainous part of the district is 2500 feet above sea level. The Chennai & Bangalore cities are located in 150 Kms. and 165 Kms. respectively to Chittoor Town. The District has good business and marketing for Mango, Tomato and Other Products.

Boundaries of the District:

The district is bounded by the following places and features on all the four sides.
East    : Tirupati District & Tamilnadu State
West   : Annamayya District and Karnataka State
Nort    : Annamayya and Tirupati Districts
South : Tamilnadu State