One District One Product (ODOP) is an initiative by the Government of India with the goal of selecting, branding and promoting at least one product from each district in the country to facilitate comprehensive socioeconomic growth across all regions. The scheme adopts the ODOP approach to leverage the advantages of scale in terms of input procurement, access to common services, and product marketing.

Under this Initiative, Chittoor District has Terracotta products selected as its ODOP product, made in the Village of Gantavur, Palamaneru in Andhra Pradesh.  Terracotta is a term used generally for sculptures. Made in earthen were and also those forms created for various utilization purposes like vessels, flower pots and Home Decorative items etc.  Pottery is a Specialized art that Fascinated art lovers.  The pottery created with Terracotta is used for Garden pots are Decorative purposes in many environments, as well as oil lamps or ovens.  The proses of firing at high temperature is the key in Terracotta pottery.


Chittoor (Palamaneru) District

As per the archeological evidence from the excavations of the Indus valley civilization, the craft of Terracotta is perfection exemplified and confirms the antiquity of this craft in India. There is literary evidence found in ‘Mrichakatika’ which talks about clay modeling.

The simple potter’s wheel brings out various utility-oriented articles in different shapes by deft use of nimble fingers and simple tools. The artifacts, particularly garden decoration items and clay toys embody mythological and non-mythological patterns and are conceptualized by resourceful and creative terracotta artisans.

The products used in religious functions such as havan, marriages and other rituals continue to keep the traditions and culture alive. Angallu, Kantevaripalli near Madanapalli, and Palamaneru in the Chittoor district specialize in garden decorative items and lamps.