Pre-historic sites, Megoliths, ancient cities, Forts and Temples placed the Chittoor Distirct at high place in Indian History.  Large number of Temples were constructed in the district during Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagar Periods.  Among these the most important are Vinayaka Temple – Kanipakam, Parasurameswara Temple – Gudimallam, Mogileswara Temple – Mogili, Kolandeswara Temple-Kattamanchi, Adityeswara Temple – Bokkisampalem, Neelakanteswara Temple – Laddigam, Anjaneya Temple – Arthagiri, Pallikondeswara Temple – Surutupalle, Gangamma Temple – Boyakonda, Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple – Vepenjeri, Kodanda Rama and Eswara Temples – Chittoor, Kalikamba, Venugopal and Virupaksha Temples – Kangundi Fort, Chennakesava Temple – Sompalem etc.  The hero stones in the district are larger in number when compared to other districts in Andhra Pradesh.