District Panchayat Officer

  • Exercise supervision and control over the Divisional Panchayat Officers, Extension Officer(Panchayats) and their staff in the District;
  • Exercise supervision and control over the Gram Panchayats and their executives and also provide guidance to them;
  • Inspect all the notified Gram Panchayats whose income exceeds Rs.21 lakhs (Rupees twenty one lakhs) in every year and visit other Gram Panchayats as many as possible for the purpose of inspection, superintendence and conducting of enquiries etc., and shall see that all Gram Panchayats are inspected himself or by Divisional Panchayat Officer in every year irrespective of inspection made by the Extension Officer (Panchayats) and also see that all defets pointed out by the Inspecting Officers are rectified within two months, and he shall take immediate action against the defaulters under the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act;
  • Inspect the Officers of all Divisional Panchayat Officers and Extension Officer (Panchayats) in the district in every year.
  • Hold enquiries and submit reports to the higher authorities on complaints of mal administration in Gram Panchayats;
  • Maintain necessary statistics about the working of Gram Panchayats, within the District, including Jawahar Rozgar Yojana. T.F.C. and other Government Grants;
  • Prepare and submit Annual Confidential Reports relating to the post of Extension Officer (Panchayats) and Divisional Panchayat Officers in the District and submit to the Commissioner of Panchayat Raj with his remarks;
  • Review the replies on audit reports, in respect of notified Gram Panchayats only;
  • Assist the District Collector in dischage of the statutory functions assigned to District Collector under the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1994;
  • Inspect the works taken up in Gram Panchayats with Gram Panchayat Funds, Jawahar Rozar Yojana, T.F.C. and other Governments grants;
  • Supervise and inspect the work relating to the general revision of house tax in Gram Panchayats;
  • Take steps for collection of amounts covered by surcharge certificates issued by the Local Fund Department;
  • Countersign the Travelling Allowance bills of Divisional Panchayat Officers