Mines and Geology

The Government of Andhra Pradesh established the office of the Assistant  Director of Mines & Geology, Chittoor in the year 1989 April, covering the 66 Mandals in the Chittoor District. The entire District was under the jurisdiction of the Asst. Director of Mines & Geology, Chittoor with headquarters at Chittoor. In the year 2003 April, consequent upon restructuring, the District is divided into two parts with Assistant Directors for each part i.e., Chittoor and Palamaner with independent Assistant Directors are under the control of Deputy Director of Mines & Geology, Kadapa. In the year 2019, Govt. of A.P., has established the office of the Deputy Director of Mines & Geology, Chittoor.

It is submitted that the prime activities of the Department of Mines and Geology are investigative, Administrative and advisory and promotional arm of the State Government in the Mineral Development. This Department is being carried out the functions of Regulatory, Promotional and collection of Mineral Revenue to the Government. The Regulatory work involves receipt, processing of application under Mineral Concession Rules, Inspection of applied areas / leased out areas to monitor conservation, systematic exploitation of minerals and controlling of illicit Mining and Quarrying and transportation of minerals. Besides this, the offices collecting the mineral revenue from the leaseholders. No Development and Welfare Schemes has been allotted to these offices. However under the District Mineral Foundation, the amount collected under DMF being utilized for development works in the affected villages, Gram panchayaths. As per the guidelines under DMF, the Trust has been registered and the amount collected under online e-permit system and by manual Challans being credited under PD Account. Totally an amount of 26.32 Crores have been credited to District Mineral Foundation Trust (DMF) under P.D Account as on June, 2019.,

The Chittoor District mainly endowed with important minerals like Black Granite, Colour Granite, Road Metal & Building Stone, Gravel, Steatite, Quartz, Phyrophilite under Minor Minerals and also it is submitted that, 964 Quarry Leases and 547 Mineral Based Industries are existing in Chittoor District