The District Educational Office is established with an aim of universalization of  education “in a time bound manner”, as mandated by the 86th Amendment to the Constitution of India.  It assists to smooth functioning of schools and import quality education to the children of the age group(6-15) present in the of District. The District consists of 66 Mandals. It has total (Govt/MPP_ZP/Aided/AP Model/KGBVs/Municipal managements) 4905 schools out of which Primary schools are 3750,Upper primary schools 455   and 700High Schools.

       The District Educational Office appoints well abled and efficient teachers through DSCs. The selection committees are headed by the District Collector. There are  total : 18315    teachers are educating the students of the District.  In this  7577   are primary teachers and 2610 are working in upper primary schools and   8128  are working in High schools.

          The Children of all walks of life are enrolled in the school.  They are provided nourishing food and quality education in the schools.  At present total:340361   students are achieving education in the District.  In this 129735    are in primary schools and 34956   are Upper schools and 175670   are in High schools.